My top 5 networking tips!

Ready to grow your business and move your career through networking events?

Building those relationships with local industry leaders is essential and allows you all the opportunities to spread your name/services via word of mouth, build your following, and even connect with those who can support and add to your current services. I love the saying your net worth is only as good as your network. We all know we have to build those relationships, but it can be intimidating for newbies. Here are my top 5 tips for networking regardless of where you are in your business:

BUILD YOUR WEBSITE: If you haven’t done this yet even a simple and free landing page, blog site, or a link tree if where your new contact can reach you. Landing pages are a great place for email collection.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Have a your social media handle ready (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Social media has become such a bigger role in the professional community acting as a the ‘new handshake’ and introduction at networking events.

YOUR BUSINESS CARD: I have a QR business card and paper one with my contact info and includes my photo on it so the receiver can remember the face to the name. From my time in Japan I learned how honorable it is to receive a business card. When receiving a card you don’t just slide it into your purse. Study it, as questions, and compliment them. Take this opportunity to learn about your new friends’ business.

ELEVATOR PITCH: Don’t miss your shot to share what you do by stumbling on articulating what you do, what makes you unique, and possible what you’re looking forward to in your success.

FOLLOW UP: You made so many great connections! Schedule a time for coffee with the ladies you see professional potential with. See how you can work together, propose a combined give away to your followers, exchange services if it’s mutually beneficial, or take the opportunity to learn from each other.

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