🌻 Ladies, take the deep breath in and breathe out and say it out loud, “I’m exactly where I need to be. I’m not behind.” I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but it certainly resonated with me. There are multiples times in a year where our overachieving and perfectionism gets the best of us, am I right? Know that you are at the right place at the right time. Ever feel overwhelmed within your work, brand, or business?🙋🏻‍♀️ put your favorite emoji below and let your community know they’re not alone. ⬇️
As KBW members we meet monthly and it’s always the best time for us to catch up and know that our sister is going through similar business growing pains. We love sharing our knowledge, offer our help to cultivate more business to each other, and make new girlfriends with like mindset that lift each other up! Check out our events calendar on our KBW website or signup for email notifications about our events and member activities! LINK IN BIO FOR EVENTS! You’re at the right place.

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🌻Sneak Peek into what beauty Bluebonnet Sponsor Love, Lou Lou @jacki_loveloulou is creating for KBW Business & Brunch! With 4 professional photographers there we can’t wait to see all the content you’ll build with these beauties! Only 26 days away! Over 150+ women in attendance, 12 elite local vendors, and incredibly empowering keynote speaker @juliawang_htx with industry leading panelists! Only 13 tickets left before it’s SOLD OUT! Get your ladies together and join us on March 4th at Kingwood Country Club! 🎟️ LINK IN BIO FOR TICKETS! 🎟️

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Kingwood Business Women is an association that utilizes our feminine power and knowledge to support female entrepreneurs, elevate their businesses and projects for growth & profitability, and give you a built in sisterhood infused with positive energy that advocates personal growth for entrepreneurs. We, as a collective group of successful entrepreneurs, don’t know the concept of sitting on our hands, using outdated methods, and praying for better results. We are here for the women who see opportunities and make them their own. KBW promotes your business and brings workshops to educate and create strategies for you and your team. We are currently reviewing the tall stack of membership applications of women who are ready to take on 2023! Are you one of these ladies? Give us a 👏🏼 in the comments if this is you! Find out more about our KBW Executive Membership at our inaugural Business & Brunch event! Get your tickets today!

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🌻 Ladies, we’re just days away! We’re so excited for all the fun, learning, and content & connection you’re going to build! So, who has their ticket to KBW Business & Brunch 2023? 🙋🏻‍♀️Comment👇🏼!

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15 days away Ladies! We’re hosting our first workshop of the year! Are you wanting more customers in 2023, want to make your business easy to discover by your target audience, and expand your brand - then you can’t miss this workshop! Learn how you can help your business be the first to show up on Google
@houstonstudio_ Owner and their SEO manager will be instructing you to elevate your business and answering your questions. Register for the KBW Workshop and then get your Google My Business verification code (take 5-7 business days so do it ASAP). 🎟️ BOTH LINKS IN BIO!

Required for this workshop:
1. Applied Google My Business
2. Verification code for Google My Business
3. Bring your laptop 💻 and content you can use on your listing
4. Get your ticket to the KBW February Workshop (Link in below)
Take advantage of this workshop and get yourself on the first page of Google! LINK IN BIO!

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Have you had failed launches? Lost as to how to market yourself, your brand, or product. Or maybe, for you, it’s crickets out there in the cyber social network and your struggling to capture the attention of your target audience. If this sounds like you, it’s time to have a look at your brand identity, core values, and assets to see if all align still. The definition of your brand is who your audience is and what their needs are. ✨On the day to day basis, I business coach entrepreneurs to create a brand identity and marketing strategy at @houstonstudio_ 💚 working with business owners to establish the foundations of their brand DNA, how to polish it for customer/client trust, and form a strategy map for effective marketing to drive revenue. 📈 Know what your target audience needs, what situations they face, and share how your product can help them. Promoting yourself has to be about your ideal customer. 💚
This year KBW will have a focus on brand identity and marketing strategy. KBW Masterclass schedule is being finalized and will be posted to our calendar soon. Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know about our business education classes. Comment below if you’d like more info on effective marketing tips, polished branding assets, and 📸 content building ideas! 👇🏼

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🌻 Only 34 tickets left to the event of the year, KBW Business & Brunch! This will be another KBW sold out event! Honored to have self-made millionaire and CEO of @nextgen_tx, @juliawang_htx, as our keynote speaker. Joined by an incredibly impressive array of Houston women led industry leaders on for our panel discussion. Network and make new friends with like minded women over mimosas and brunch (complimentary with ticket)! Shop our vendor market, adorn yourself with floral hairpieces by @everosecompany, create content at our wildflower photo ops, and $1k in swag bag goodies! So pack your business cards and your floral vibe, ‘ladies who lunch’ garden dress or floral suit and don’t miss the chances to be apart of this most inspirational, uplifting, and powerful event! RESEVE YOUR SPOT -LINK IN BIO!

Thank you to our sponsors

Interested in being promoted through sponsorship? Email kingwoodbusinesswomen@gmail.com

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Hi ladies! Have you seen our new Facebook group for all professionals in our community? It’s fabulous! Now we can share knowledge, ask questions, create discussions, get advice from professionals with women in our northeast Houston business community. It’s like having a Mastermind group at your finger tips! We’re kicking it off with a big discussion as we head into 2023. What goals, efforts, or action will you take in your business this upcoming year? 🎉

For me, I want to harness better marketing schedule and habits for @houstonstudio_ . I’m so use to doing it for all of my clients I overlook my companies needs to intentionally strategize my marketing efforts. I want to direct all my outlets to my “call to action” website to draw more clients. Starting with blogging more often and sharing knowledge with my audience.

Your turn! Comment below! 👇🏼

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🌻EARLY BIRD TICKETS END IN 4 DAYS! Hello Wildflower! KBW Business & Brunch 2023 benefits @htown_dreamcenter Helping women and children follow their dreams after trauma. KBW Business & Brunch 2023 is honored to help! Early Bird ticket pricing is going on now! If you’ve never been to a Kingwood Business Women before, this is the one to be at! It’s our kick off event of the year to all we do in our community. We’re excited to announce our keynote speaker, Julia Wang @juliawang_htx CEO of @nextgen_tx. She is ultimate when it comes to scaling her business for success and marketing it to her brand values! ✨

🌸Our theme concept is ‘Wildflowers’ modeled after a poem by E.V. Rogina.

“Like wildflowers
You must allow yourself
to grow
in all the places
people thought
you never would.”

🌼 6 out 6 of our events have sold out and we can only imagine this will not be any different. We will be giving away an Patron Membership away at the event to one of the non-members. This event is for every woman. Love the mood board! Detailed information was sent tonight to our email newsletter subscribers. So much more we’re slow rolling out to our email subscribers. Get on!

🌻Check out our mood board to get all the vibes. Sponsorship Opportunities available and Vendor Market. LINK IN BIO FOR TICKETS AND MOOD BOARD!

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Tonight was an absolute hit! Thank you to all that came out to support and finish their Christmas shopping! 💛 We had a fabulous evening! So many ladies came regardless of the weather, traffic, and holiday dinner parties! And for that we are so grateful! Kendra Scott blankets, and complimentary Wildflower bouquets (true to our Business & Brunch 2023 theme) to all, charcuterie bites and champagne and for all our guests! Thank you Kendra Scott (Heights) for helping us make it an incredible evening. 💛

✨Truly excited for all the upcoming events and collaborations we have planned for 2023! Signup for our emails so you don’t miss opportunities, events, giveaways, and member features!

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