KBW Founding Member Feature: Meet Jen Pisani of Jen Pisani Photography

Meet Jen Pisani of Jen Pisani Photography!

Give us a brief bio or background about yourself. Are you originally from the Lake Houston area? Are you a wife or mother?

I grew up in the Spring-Klein area after moving here when I was 4 years old. I have 4 amazing children 2 boys and 2 girls. Married to my hubby for 20 years. I love my coffee, my wine and Jesus. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I love to have fun but also enjoy pulling up my sleeves and getting work done.

Did you always know that you’d be in your current industry? Tell us your story of how you arrived at your current success.

I went to school for business and after working several years in the telecommunication industry decided to go back to school for graphic design. I worked for 11 1/2 years with Pappas Restaurants doing graphic design for them. I was also teaching at the college. I have always loved photography and while teaching photoshop for so many years, it was a natural transition.

Many of us have worked either for another business at some point in our professional careers. How do you go from being an employee to a business owner?

I have always had management experience in my previous jobs so having the skills to delegate, manage, set up workflows all are important to running a business and have helped me with my business.

A healthy work/life balance is important. What’s your take on it?

I do think having a work/life balance is important. While I don’t always balance them, I do find that it is important when working to set up family time, date night, walks, the gym on my calendar. If I plan them and put them on my calendar then they happen. Being intentional is key.

How long have you been in business or the industry you are in now?

I have been in my industry for 9 years and in business as Jen Pisani Photography almost a year.

What was your drive to become a business owner?

I love serving my clients. My passion is creating beautiful artwork for my clients of the people they love most to be displayed in their homes. There is nothing like seeing how much confidence a high school senior has seeing an amazing canvas or metal hanging on their wall in their home. Or when a mom texts me saying how every day when she comes into her living room after work and seeing her artwork of her three kiddos playing with their dog hanging over her fireplace and the smile that melts her. It’s so important to me to help clients capture such special moments in their family’s life. Having my last kiddo in her senior year… I know how fast the years fly by.

What is most crucial to you in a business?

Building relationships with my clients that last for years. I care about them and their families and value the trust they put in me.

Has networking been an asset to developing your business? and How?

Networking has been key! Building those relationships with other business owners helps me to serve my community. From helping raise money for local charities, to supporting others by shopping local, networking helps me not only build my business but help build other business owners too.

What greatest success have you ever had in the business industry?

Being recognized by my peers as someone who lifts as I climb. I am part of a mastermind type community of photographers and we all support each other, cheer each other and it’s so amazing to be a leader in that community. The vibe is so positive and I love helping other thrive in it.

Other than a double shot espresso, what method or tools do you use or attribute to your increase business productivity?

Learning to delegate. Being able to assess certain tasks and realize it’s a better use of my time to have an assistant handle while I juggle the larger things.

What digital marketing platforms have you utilize and how did it make your company more profitable?

I use a CRM for my client base to communicate with them, mailchimp for newsletters.

You’ve done great things professionally to get you where you are today! What are some of your professional achievements?

I have been featured in several nation and international publications highlighting senior photographers and their images. I have raised a combination of $10,000 for various local charities.

What’s your best selling product, package, or service? Why do you think that is?

One of the best selling products I sell are albums, specifically my 12×8 album crafted in Italy. It is made with archival ink and is heirloom quality. I find that seniors and families cherish such a keepsake for generations to come.

Knowing what you know now as an entrepreneur, what would you tell your younger self?

Education and networking are definitely a must but building relationships with people and connecting with them on an authentic level paves the way to such beautiful, creative experiences.

List your favorite software programs/tools, apps, automation software, scheduling, or methods that you use for business or industry that make your work day flow a lot easier.

Love Trello for workflow, Photoshop for editing and Sprout Studio for my client data!

WEBSITE: www.jenpisaniphotography.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jenpisaniphotography/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/jenpisaniphotography

CONNECT: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-pisani-3b02625/

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