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Christa Elyce

A driven, passionate businesswoman, Houston-based photographer Christa Elyce has a gift for developing creative and compelling content for her clients that complements their goals; During the past two decades, she has established herself as a storyteller, using imagery and art, working with brands to successfully develop and promote their unique stories and goals. As a mother and professional herself, Christa especially enjoys collaborating and connecting with fellow female entrepreneurs – equipping her clients with captivating images to help build or reach an audience in a unique and interesting way is a rewarding aspect of her industry profile.

For over 15 years, Christa has captured images through her studio-style photography – initially gaining distinction in the industry as an award-winning photographer – she has learned to incorporate ‘heart’ into her work. Christa now translates this same passion and heart into working closely with Kingwood Business Women members on promotional, branding, commercials, and marketing.

When reflecting on the work she has accomplished throughout her career, Christa is immensely proud of the relationships she’s built. Fiercely loyal to her clients, she only produces work she feels immense joy and accomplishment about – her images speak towards the respect she holds for her clients, treating each photography project as if the products and brands were her own. “I take great pride in each project, every project receives the same dedication and passion – I’m always driven to come at it from another angle to make sure the images speak to the audience and pair well with the brand, making sure that the final product is not only done right, but done well.” Her clients would agree, noting in testimonials the precision, care, and attention she gives each aspect of the process of her work, from initial planning discussions, understanding branding needs and goals, to adding and capturing the finest details during photoshoots.  

Christa Elyse Studio

The mother of 3 children, Christa is also passionate about music and the arts for today’s youth; she has been heavily involved in the PTO programs at her children’s school, and has previously co-chaired a benefit gala for the non-profit organization, Young Audiences of Houston, a program that funds art programs in local schools. “I would love for my kids to have the same opportunities that were afforded to me when I was young, opportunities to creatively express myself and help foster my love of photography,” said Christa, who is also a classically trained violinist and cellist. 

Her own professional journey and life experiences has motivated Christa to devote her talent in helping others build their businesses – equipping her clients with images and content to succeed is her passion; “see a need, fill a need,” is the motto that renews her energy each day to help brands create impactful content that will resonate with others through the emotion of art.

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