A Tiny House for H-Town Dream Center

I had the opportunity to tour H-Town Dream Center. Their initiative is to help women, children, and at-risk youth break the chains of oppression and poverty so they can begin to dream again. I spoke with a young mother who shared her story with me of being faced with the reality of being homeless with her baby. She is now on a path where she sees continuing her education at university in her grasp. H-Town Dream Center provides tiny homes for these women who are fleeing a life-threatening situation. I viewed these warm and personalized tiny homes and was very impressed to see how much a small house can be a huge blessing to women who are in need to provide shelter to their young children. To a woman and children with no place to go, this is a haven.

Help us reach our goal of raising funds to donate a furnished tiny house for H-Town Dream Center’s tiny home village. Any size contribution is a blessing and one step closer to our goal of bringing solace to a needing family.

Please help us in our efforts to provide a warm furnished micro home in 2023! Give $1, $10, $50, or $100. Thank you for helping us bless families in need.

Here is our inspiration for the TINY HOME PROJECT!

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