42 Marketing Content Prompts & Planner!

We’ve all been there, girl! It’s writer’s block for the professional or entrepreneur when it comes to coming up with ideas for your brand’s marketing imagery and message. I know, I know,…If only there was someone who could help you get started and keep it consistent. You’re in luck, boss lady, you’ve come to the right place! I have come up with 42 Marketing Content Prompts for you to use! Complete with 12 month planner to help you stay consistent and plan intentionally!

Here’s are some basic expert tips for you to get started:

  • Pick 1 day a week to focus solely on your business/brand marketing.
  • On that day select the topics you’ll cover for your blog, social, or digital marketing platform.
  • Take photos or video for those subjects (include props that are appropriate for your brand).
  • Incorporate multiple outfits so that it looks like different days.
  • Use marketing scheduling software/applications to help you plan out the week/month in advanced.
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